Trump’s Immigration Rules Tighten As More Asylum Seekers Push For The U.S. Border

Last Thursday, Trump issued new immigration rules to make sure asylums aren’t entering the country illegally, calling upon national security to deflect long-standing policies on humanitarianism of foreign nationals entering the U.S soil.


Trump will be using the authorities that he called upon to implement his infamous ‘travel ban’ back in 2017, and will put them in force immediately.


The measures are likely to receive some form of legal challenge, however. Immigrant officials claim the current U.S. laws extend asylum protections for those who arrive in the U.S and fear possible abuse, regardless of how they enter the country.


Trump’s powers on immigration have been limited by the Supreme Court due to the backlash received from the questionable policies he aimed to put in place. According to the Trump Administration, the new immigration rules that have been put in place are reasonable as they continue to tackle illegal immigration in the nation.


The emergency immigration rules are expected to be published on Friday in the federal register.


The new measures mark the Trump administration’s latest attempts to prevent foreigners and immigrants entering the United States. It comes after there were discoveries made that around 10,000 Central Americans were attempting to cross the U.S. border in caravan groups. Trump has requested new immigration rules to prevent the thousands from entering the United States, deploying troops to support the border control agents.


At the moment, U.S. immigration jails are filling and higher courts have limited the government’s ability to hold children in the immigration jails. This means caravan families arriving at the U.S. border are likely to be released into the United States if they seek protection, suggesting the new immigration rules won’t quite have the effect the White House desires.


Under current U.S. immigration rules, foreigners can request for asylum when they arrive on U.S. soil if they fear abuse if they were returned to their country. They are then put through an interview process to determine whether they have “credible fear” before being assigned with a court date and then being released.


Trump’s new immigration rules would still allow foreigners to seek asylum, but only if they enter the U.S. ports of entry legally, not those who try to cross without authorisation. Those who cross illegally will not be able to apply for asylum but they can apply to qualify for a status known as “withholding of removal”.


This wouldn’t allow the application for a green card or U.S. citizenship, but it would be seen as a provisional for being temporarily withdrawn from the deportation process. This still provides the opportunity for those who cross illegally the chance to be released from custody and be a part of the immigration backlog.


A government official claimed that the purpose for the change is so the border control can funnel asylum seekers so that the government will be able to utilise the resources and personnel better to process the claims of the asylum seekers.


It’s unclear how many of the caravan members will look to enter the country legally through the ports of entry.

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