Detainee Visits & Bail

If you have arrived illegally in the UK, overstayed your permission to be here or you are an asylum seeker whose claim has been refused, you and any dependants may be detained in an Immigration Removal Centre (IRC) prior to removal.

Detention may be authorised where there are good grounds for believing that you will not report to the immigration authorities.

If you are detained you may be able to appeal an order for enforced removal or any decision refusing an application for leave to remain. You can also apply for bail to secure your release from an IRC or other secure centre.

Here at the Immigration Advice Service we can provide urgent advice and assistance for failed asylum seekers and other migrants who have or are being threatened with detention and deportation.


VISITS TO IMMIGRATION REMOVAL CENTRES – we can conduct a visit to an IRC or other secure centre to have a detailed consultation in person and to prepare any necessary application or appeal.

PRISON VISITS – we can conduct a visit to a prison if you (or a family member) has been detained for a criminal offence which might affect your immigration status.

Here at the Immigration Advice Service we can offer:

  • Direct access to an immigration lawyer
  • Direct access to an experienced advocate
  • A detailed assessment of your immigration status
  • Preparing & lodging an application for leave to remain in the UK
  • Preparing & lodging an appeal or judicial review
  • Representation at an appeal/review before the Immigration & Asylum Tribunal
  • Representation at a bail hearing
  • Preparing further submissions to the UK Border Agency
  • Full discretion & client confidentiality
  • Expert legal advice at a price you can afford

Please contact us to find out more about the services we can offer detainees.

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