Immigration Lawyers in London

At The Immigration Advice Service, we’re extremely proud to have some some incredibly talented immigration advisors in our team, whose expertise surpasses even some of the most highly qualified immigration solicitors in London. As a national firm with a vast presence in the multicultural and metropolitan London area, we can guarantee that expert and professional immigration and asylum advice is accessible to you, wherever in the capital you happen to be based.

Our two London offices are in Southwark and Hounslow, which are both easily accessible by the Tube and other public transport methods, meaning we’re able to service the whole of the London area comfortably, without compromising on our exceptional levels of service. Our professional, friendly and vastly experienced staff of immigration specialist advisors are spread across both locations to ensure reliable and competent immigration advice is always on hand by individuals who have often previously practiced as immigration solicitors in the London area.

London is the most ethnically diverse city in the UK, as well as being recognised as one of the most ethnically diverse in the world. As would be expected, the capital currently has the largest migrant population in the UK, with over 2.8million foreign-born residents at last count (2013) and over 200 different languages spoken. London’s economic stability, growth and continuing vast number of jobs have resulted in a number of prominent communities that have emerged throughout the years. What’s more, London is renowned for being accepting of other cultures and Londoners are known to embrace and celebrate the varied heritage of their city, of which they are so proud.

Whatever the nature or scale of the immigration-based services you’re looking for, IAS are perfectly positioned to assist you as each of our staff has a significant amount of knowledge in their respective fields. We have immigration specialists in each and every remit of immigration and asylum law, including straightforward visa applications, through to complex immigration cases and even up to appeals and Judicial Review.

We offer our extensive range of immigration services at highly competitive and affordable prices. We are also accredited by the Legal Aid Agency as an approved provider, making our aim of everyone having access to professional immigration advice, no matter their circumstances, more achievable.

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