Fast-Track Application Package


If you are applying to extend your stay or to settle in the UK you may be faced with time constraints, yet it can often take several weeks or months for the UK Border Agency to process an immigration application. Using their same-day premium service it is possible in many cases to avoid these long delays.

This service allows you to attend an appointment at one of 7 public enquiry offices located across the UK to present your application in person. A public enquiry office (PEO) is a processing office for the UK Border Agency. Once your application has been presented you should have a decision the same day or within 24 hours.

USING THE PREMIUM SAME-DAY SERVICE – our fast-track application package takes full advantage of the premium same-day service offered by the UK Border Agency. If you opt for this package you will receive a detailed consultation with one of our specialist legal advisors who will also help you to prepare an application and collate the necessary documentation to present at your appointment.

SWITCHING FROM POSTAL TO PREMIUM – if you have already submitted a postal application you can still switch to the premium same-day service to speed things up. This is particularly useful if you have urgent travel plans or if you need your visa for employment purposes.


At the Immigration Advice Service our team boasts a consistent track record of successfully assisting clients with presenting same-day applications. Under our fast-track application package we can offer:

  • Advice on eligibility & evidence in support
  • Assistance completing an application & collating documents
  • Application & document check
  • Booking a same-day premium service slot with the UK Border Agency
  • Presentation of your application at a PEO
  • Same day service for several types of immigration application
  • A fast-track solution to your immigration problems

Note that some applications cannot be processed under the premium same-day service and the location of the PEO’s may vary depending on availability.

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