Agreement Made Between US and Separated Immigrant Families

Trump’s zero-tolerance immigrant policy separated immigrant families at the Mexico-US border to prevent them from entering the country. Now, an agreement in the US has finally been agreed over the immigrant families.


Last Wednesday, court documents were provided which agreed on a settlement that provides the children and parent’s the opportunity to apply for their asylum in the US. This would still have to be approved by the judge but it was a sign of progress from the point of view of rights groups who challenged the “zero-tolerance” policy that was introduced by President Donald Trump.


US authorities in the past have rejected claims that the immigrant families would be victim to torture or persecution if they were to be sent back home. This provides the opportunity for the families to escape from such violence from their home countries.


Although there were over 2,500 children and parents that were affected by the separation at the border, the agreement outlines that at least 1,000 families will have the opportunity to apply for again for asylum to the country.


Individual cases will also be considered as there have already been hundreds of parents that have already been deported back to their home countries. There may have been cases where individuals could have had the opportunity to seek asylum under the report that was provided.


The purpose of Trump introducing the “zero-tolerance” policy was to cast down on illegal immigration. This was a major talking point of Trump’s campaign but separation at the borders prompted a major condemnation of the policy, with thousands of children being torn away from their parents, more specifically those residing from countries such as Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador.


The policy was ended earlier this year in June.


The settlement was agreed after lawsuits that were put in place by the American Liberties Union, the Muslim Advocates and others. Some lawsuits indicated that the parents were suffering from being separated by their children. They claimed that the trauma would have influenced the parents “credible fear” interviews which were given to the immigrants to prevent them from being deported back to their countries.


Where this previously was the case, now parents will be able to provide additional evidence to support their case as part of the settlement that has been agreed.


The result was seen as a great win for the parents by a Muslim attorney advocate, claiming that the parents “will finally have a real chance to be heard and to secure safety and stability for themselves and their families”.


The agreement put forward to U.S. Dana Sabraw in San Diego has been seen as an ultimatum for the parents, however, with those who don’t agree to the settlement needing to be “promptly removed to their country of origin.”


A total of 12,800 migrant children were reported to have been detained by immigration officials on Wednesday with the majority crossing the border alone, without parents.


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