Advice Package


Before you consider submitting an expensive application to the UK Border Agency, seeking the advice of a specialist immigration solicitor is highly recommended.

At the Immigration Advice Service we offer an advice package specifically designed to assist you with your immigration, nationality and asylum matters. This package is recommended if you are unsure of your available options or what is required.

This service involves a consultation with one of our specialist legal advisors who will be able to advise you as to the right application, eligibility, what documents you will need, procedure, timescales, fees and your prospects of success. This advice will be confirmed to you in writing afterwards.

Our highly qualified immigration solicitors are accredited by the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC) and have extensive knowledge of all key immigration, nationality and asylum legislation together with up-to-date rules, regulations and Home Office procedures.

With decades of legal experience our team boasts a consistent track record of successfully advising clients, from individuals and their families to UK businesses and their employees. With our expertise we can maximise your chances of achieving a successful outcome.


Here at the Immigration Advice Service we can offer:

  • Direct access to an immigration lawyer
  • Advice on eligibility & evidence in support
  • A detailed consultation for any proposed application
  • Legal advice confirmed in writing
  • Full discretion & client confidentiality
  • Expert legal advice at a price you can afford

If after obtaining our advice you wish to make an application, you can upgrade to our application package.

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