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Many people come to live in the UK each year due to it’s consistently booming economy and wealth of opportunity in a wide range of sectors, many of these migrants are naturally drawn to the UK’s capital city of London, particularly those coming to the UK for a work related relocation. Others who have married British citizens whilst working overseas apply for visas to live with their spouse, to remain in London indefinitely, or to bring family members to join them from their countries of origin. Whatever the reason for immigration to London, the city is an exceptional place to relocate to, and the immigration solicitors at IAS know a wealth of information, both about the city, and about immigration and asylum law.

Historical Immigration to London

London is the political and economic capital of Britain and, due to its history and heritage, the city has a rich past of immigration with the UK’s most diverse range of cultures amongst its population of over 8 million people.

Over the course of London’s history, it has welcomed an abundance of immigrant populations dating as far back as the first Roman invasion of 55BC. In modern world history alone, London has been the settlement destination of choice for cultures ranging from the French Huguenots and Bengali Indians in the 1700s, to German and Russian Jewish immigrants in the late 1800s, through to the African, Bangladeshi and Polish migrants that have settled through the 1900s up to the present day.

Languages and Diversity

As a result of such extensive immigrant activity over time, there are now over 230 different languages spoken in London, and over 36% of those living there are foreign-born, with large communities of Indian, Polish, Irish, Nigerian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi and Jamaican born residents, amongst many others.

Due to the numerous international airports in London, including Heathrow and Gatwick, there are over 300 international destinations that now have a direct link to the city, making it readily accessible to the rest of the world. This convenience is perhaps one of the reasons that the city is so popular with those looking to relocate.

Immigration Law Specialists in London

The Immigration Advice Service has two London based offices in the City of London and Hounslow, West London, respectively. Our talented immigration solicitors are extremely experienced with working in such a mixed heritage city, and we welcome people of all nationalities and backgrounds who are currently living in or looking to relocate to London on a visa or work permit. Contact one of our London offices here:


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Alternatively, please see below for some of the immigration and asylum law services we offer from our London offices:

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